Estate Planning Awareness Week

In 2008, Congress designated the third week of October as National Estate Planning Awareness Week to promote the need for the public to understand the importance and benefits of estate planning. Unfortunately, a 2019 survey by determined 57% of adults in the United States have not prepared any estate planning documents like a willRead More

2019 VA Aid and Attendance Pension Rates

What are the 2019 VA Aid and Attendance Pension rates? For 2019, the Maximum Allowable Pension Rates (MAPR) for the VA Basic Pension, Housebound, and Aid and Attendance ratings have increased from 2018. As indicated below, the maximum monthly pension payable to a married veteran in need of Aid and Attendance is now $2,231 perRead More

2018 VA Aid and Attendance Rule Change

Are you aware of the important VA Aid and Attendance rule change? In October 2018, the Veterans Administration (VA) changed their non-service connected pension benefit (sometimes called “Aid and Attendance”) eligibility rules, which has had a dramatic effect the eligibility criteria. The Aid and Attendance Rule Change: Net Worth Limit The new net worth limitRead More

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